10 Creepy Abandoned Amusement Parks Around the World

Dogpatch USA, Arkansas

Many people may be shocked to know that Dogpatch USA was previously a flourishing amusement park. Recreation Enterprise designed the hillbilly-themed park later they acquired the Raney family’s trout farm.

The company selected to form their new business after the land’s original owners. Unluckily, with growing interest rates and economic troubles, Dogpatch was compelled to shut its doors in 1993.

Dunaujavarosi Vidampark, Hungary

Most people assume abandoned amusement parks to be a tiny bit unsettling. However, Dunaujavarosi Vidampark in Hungary takes weird to a whole new level. After 40 years in business, the theme park locked down in 1993.

What is left of the once-thriving place is now spoliation, decay, and garbage. If you ever have a possibility to tour the amusement park for yourself, make sure to receive your tetanus shot first.

Spreepark, Berlin

Thousands of travelers visit the north of Berlin to see the deserted Spreepark for themselves. The theme park draws in such a huge number of guests that there are even public tours allowed.

The guides present a deeper insight into the story of Spreepark and how it dropped to its demise. Visitants ramble through rusty roller coasters and large dinosaur statues dispersed everywhere in the park.

Pripyat Amusement Park, Ukraine

The abandoned Pripyat amusement park, established in Ukraine, never had a fair opportunity. Just a few days before it was programmed to open, a destructive nuclear mishap happened just a few miles away from Pripyat.

The whole north of Ukraine was seriously affected by the Chernobyl event. The land is now regarded comparatively safe for any visitants seeming to go on a guided tour nearby the region.

Parque Albanoel, Brazil

Parque Albanoel, stationed in Rio de Janeiro, was a theme park built by politician Antonio Albano Reis. The unusual arrangement of large Santa Clauses in the center of the jungle is bound to grab any person’s concentration.

The theme park had hopes of growing a sparkling tourist temptation until Reis’ death in 2004. Building on the theme park quickly stopped. What is now left of the utopia is just an uncanny Christmas-themed park packed with decayed statues.

Gulliver’s Kingdom, Japan

If you ever have the opportunity to visit Aokigahara, Japan, make assured to stay by Gulliver’s Kingdom. It’s something you don’t want to refrain from. The deserted theme park, based on Johnathan Swift’s book Gulliver’s Travels, is positioned near Mount Fuji.

It basically initiated in 1997 but shut just four years later due to economic matters. The park’s chilling environment is pretty straight something out of an venture novel.

Joyland Amusement Park, Kansas

What was formerly the biggest theme park in Kansas is now a large portion of a disremembered land. Before its permanent closing in 2006, Joyland Amusement Park was recognized for its huge wooden roller coaster, Ferris wheel, and high slides.

Unluckily, after the park shut its doors, it underwent widespread vandalism, burglary, and a fire. What is left of the once-joyous place is nothing but frightful wrecks.

Chippewa Lake Park, Ohio

If you are moving by Lakeshore in Medina County, Ohio, you would essentially miss Chippewa Lake Park. This is because the previously cheerful theme park is now entirely deserted. Most people don’t even recognize it’s there because it is covered by excessive trees and grass.

Chippewa Lake Park started in 1898 and it had almost 100 years of thriving execution. Dismally, the park shut in 1978 due to a deficiency of steel and rubber stock and local theme park competition.

Land of Oz, North Carolina

The Wizard of Oz, a fiction adventure movie, entertained audiences throughout the world after its premiere in 1939. Then in 1970, Grover Robbins, a prosperous entrepreneur, determined to bring the tornado story of Oz to life.

Land of Oz is placed in Beech Mountain, North Carolina. While it may be correct that the theme park has seen better days, it is still a traveler fascination. People visit from various parts of the country to see how the Emerald City is gradually being restored by nature.

Dunbolbbin, Crinkley Bottom Theme Park, England

Just south of Bristol, England is the pleasant village of Cricket St Thomas. The lovely town is home to many temptations including the Crinkley Bottom Theme Park. In its heyday, the park was recognized as one of the most successful traveler attractions.

However, after only some years of success, it began to swiftly diminish. What was once a cheerful attraction is now a deserted spooky estate