Ellen DeGeneres Addresses ‘Toxic Workplace’ Accusations in Opening Monologue of ‘The Ellen Show’

For the first time ever, a clip has been published of Ellen DeGeneres directly discussing the toxic workplace allegations during the opening monologue of her show…Ahead of tonight’s premiere of the eighteenth season of The Ellen DeGeneres Show

Ellen has addressed out on camera during the initial monologue of the episode, discussing the toxic workplace allegations.

The infamous host of The Ellen Show has been striking off complaint after complaint. When your entire character is made on being nice…

One small accusation can have things falling apart very swiftly. Which is precisely what seems to have occurred.

Now, more than ever before, people are beginning to turn upon the star as detrimental tales continue to resurface. Her past workers certainly haven’t held back.

With BTS secrets of diva conduct, poor handling of staff, and even more pressing accusations have come to the surface. It seems everyone knew about the real Ellen.

Apart from her fans, that is. Well, until now.

Ellen’s ratings are falling as the world determines they can no longer back the star. So how did it stay secret for so long?

Well, many fans are looking back over the series and examining the very same questions Because, as it turns out…

Ellen has always been problematic

And be ready – they make for some pretty awkward viewing. Let’s start with her approach of Sophia Vergara…

Which has been moderately horrific over the years? Vergara is known for her strong accent.

Which Ellen has found strangely entertaining over the years. Ellen frequently mocked Vergara.

Offering to teach her new words and maintaining her English had gotten “better.”She even did some extremely uncomfortable impressions of the star.

“Ellen Reviews Fans’ Really Bad Gifts.”Mocking fans’ kind gestures?

Not cool, Ellen.Another incredibly rude Ellen moment?

An uncomfortable vid has come of her being unprofessional to a translator. If this is any indication of how she deals with her fans.

This really is not cool. Ellen has no shame in embarrassing her fans.

And she’s done it again and again. Like this instance.

When she brought up old embarrassing Facebook pictures of a guest in front of a huge live audience. Another problematic Ellen incident involves Mariah Carey.

She was questioned on the show in the midst of some big pregnancy rumors. Well, Ellen wanted to put an end to the rumors.

And she did it in the most detrimental way possible…Ellen has also been in hot water for her approach of Cardi B.

It seems she just can’t stop mocking her guests. Like this comment on Cardi’s fashion week outfit.

.Or how about her roast of Jessica Simpson?

It seems Ellen just has no trace of good manners at all.

With the entire uncomfortable encounter. It seems Ellen will hit the most inferior blow in order to get a laugh.

Even when it’s not that funny…Ellen feeds in putting celebs on the spot.

Iconic.In the wake of these awkward clips and toxic workplace accusations…
Ellen has made the choice to discuss the situation with her fans. The star spoke out during the initial monologue to the eighteenth season of her show.

The footage, which was originally posted on YouTube, and then later on Twitter will be shown on the show when it airs this evening. Speaking on the intro, the host said:

“As you may have heard, this summer there were allegations of a toxic work environment at our show and then there was an investigation. I learned that things happened here that never should have happened.”She continued…

“I take that very seriously and I want to say I am so sorry to the people who were affected. I know that I’m in a position of privilege and power and I realized that with that comes responsibility, and I take responsibility for what happens at my show.”She went on to say that changes have been put in place.

“We have had a lot of conversations over the last few weeks about the show, our workplace, and what we want for the future. We have made the necessary changes and today we are starting a new chapter.”Speaking on the press coverage round her not being who she seemed to be on the TV, she said: “I became known as the ‘be kind’ lady.”

“And here’s how that happened: I started saying, ‘be kind to one another’ after a young man named Tyler Clementi took his own life after being bullied for being gay.

“I thought the world needed more kindness and it was a reminder that we all needed that, and I think we need it more than ever right now.”She continued…

“Being known as the ‘be kind’ lady is a tricky position to be in. So let me give you some advice out there if anybody’s thinking of changing their title or giving yourself a nickname, do not go with the ‘be kind’ lady. Don’t do it.”She continued by saying she is working on herself.

“The truth is I am that person that you see on TV. I am also a lot of other things. Sometimes I get sad, I get mad, I get anxious, I get frustrated, I get impatient, and I am working on all of that.”Her statement comes after Warner Bros. Television declared that 3 senior producers had exited The Ellen DeGeneres Show following an investigation.

After watching the clip, viewers came out with some strong reactions.

And many still weren’t satisfied with the star. Some have lost trust in the star forever…